Monday, April 25, 2016

Bar Results 2014 (Actual Bar Grade)

Here is the bar rating of a successful Bar 2014 candidate who is graduate of the University of the Cordilleras College of Law.

This person's grade is 80.3 which an extremely high grade. This candidate almost belonged to the Top 10.

At 80.3, this grade ranks from 55th place to 66th place, and considering there were 5,984 examinees, that is impressive.

How about you? Send in photos of your Bar 2014 rating.

Bracket E [80.00 to 80.99]
The next score bracket is from 80.00 to 80.99. Only 42 persons obtained scores within this bracket. These persons occupy the 51st to 66th places. Cumulatively, only 114 persons  obtained a score of 80.00 and above. These 114 comprise the Top 1.91%. Almost topnotchers.

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