Friday, April 22, 2016

Statistics on the 2014 Bar (Part 16)

Statistics on the 2014 Bar Examinations
(Part 16)
Thads Bentulan

Give it away
The gap between the 1st placer of 85.50 and the adjusted lowered passing grade of 73.00 is 1,250 pips. The 1st placer has 1,250 pips extra to give away. There hundreds of examinees who only obtained the grade of 72.99, and are only 0.01 points or 1 pip, repeat only 1 pip, away from the adjusted passing grade of 73.00. If only one can give it away to those who need it.

Steep slope
The hyperbolic curve of the results shows the rapid deterioration in performance grades even with just a minor gap. For example, If your grade is 80.00, then your rank is 66th place, but when your go down just  one point to 79.00, your rank is already 85th place. Just one point down and you go from 66th to 85th place.
If you go down one more point to 78.00, your rank is 106th place. Go down further one point below to 77.00 your rank is 126th. Note that these are just one point decrements 80 to 79 to 78 to 77, and yet the ranks are decremented from 66th to 85th to 106th to 126th. That’s because the grades are incremented by 0.01, thus there are actually 100 pips between each point, and from 80 down to 77 that’s actually 300 steps.

Don’t get me wrong, if you obtained 79.00, that is a great perfomance at 85th place. I was only showing you the steep slope going down the hyperbolic, or maybe, an exponential curve.

(End of Part 16)
- to be continued -

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