Sunday, June 10, 2012

Of Commotion and Connection: Pacquiao vs. Bradley

Of Commotion and Connection: Pacquiao vs. Bradley
by Thads Bentulan

In my personal opinion, in committing the amateur mistake of confusing commotion with connection, the professional judges of the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight committed the delict of dispossessing Manny Pacquiao a rightfully deserved 147-lb WBO Welterweight Title victory over Timothy Bradley on June 9, 2012 in Las Vegas.

In handing Pacquiao his only loss since 2005, judges C J Ross (115-113) and Duane Ford (115-113) shocked the entire boxing world with this robbery, ending Pacquiao’s 15 straight wins reign. The remaining judge Jerry Roth favored Pacquiao (115-113).

The really awkward moments came when after announcing the controversial split-decision, the video replays couldn’t even show clips where Bradly’s commotions converted into connections.

On the other hand, from the entire fight, one can gather many clips showing Pacquiao’s fast and powerful punches hammering and connecting to Bradley’s head and body.

There are statistics to prove it. How does Compubox tally it? In summary: Pacquio landed 253 punches while Bradley landed only 159 punches; an undeniable 94-punch difference. This alone is the statistic that matters.

Pacquiao threw 751 punches overall and connected 253, displaying an accuracy of 34%. Bradley threw 839 punches overall and connected only 159, for an all-in accuracy of only 19%. This is the evidence to show that Bradley was all about commotion, not connection. Can you imagine Pacquiao losing the first after connecting 94 punches more than your opponent?

Then, there is a further breakdown. Speaking of jabs, Pacquiao threw 258 jabs with 63 connecting, with a 24% accuracy. Bradley released 449 jabs with only 51 connection, with only an 11% accuracy. Based on the jabs breakdown, Pacquiao connected 12 more jabs than Bradley. This is further evidence that Bradley’s 449 jabs were all commotion, not connection.

Then, again, there is another breakdown. This time on the decisive category of power punches. Pacquiao unleashed a barrage of 493 power punches compared to Bradley’s only 390. Pacquiao connected 190 of those power punches, some of which were shown on video replays while waiting for the decision, while Bradley only connected 108 punches. Pacquiao’s accuracy on the very important power punches category is 39% while Bradley’s is a mere 28%.

When you have outboxed, outperformed, and outwitted your opponent not only in the visual displays but in the hard statistics as well, how can you lose?

How did the sports networks score the fight? Pacquiao won in their scorecards. ESPN (118 – 110); Fox Sports (119-100); the UK-based Guardian (117-111); LA Times (117-111); HBO (119-109); (116-112; Eastside Boxing (118-110); Associated Press (117-111); Yahoo! Sports (117-111); and Las Vegas Review-Journal (117-111).

How did Timothy Bradley himself score the fight? Bob Arum narrated this story: “After I got into the ring after the fight, I went over to Bradley and said 'You did very well.' He said, 'I tried hard, but I couldn't beat the guy.”

Even Bradley himself knew, there was no way he could have won that fight. Unless with the help of Danny Ocean’s 11.

Will the Nevada State Athletic Commission initiate an investigation? Today, this delict has tainted the integrity of boxing.

Whenever people say boxing isn’t a science, it is usually said as a predicate to justifying a victory robbed in front of millions of eyes.

Should the millions of boxing fans disbelieve their eyes and ignore statistics and agree with the decision of two judges who probably acted out of revenge for having to wait for Pacquiao to finish the Miami vs. Celtics game?

Is boxing now all about commotion not connection? If so, bring Jacky Chan into the ring – he has the speed, the action, and the commotion.

Manny Pacquiao did not lose that fight. The judges lost it for him. The judges confused commotion with connection.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

How the K+12 was conceived

How K12 was conceived. Once upon a time, a group of experts was tasked to identify the problems of the Philippine educational system. Problems identified: Lack  of comfort rooms, lack of classrooms, lacks of books, lack of teachers, lack of chalk, very low salary. The experts were given one week to come up with a solution. After one week, they came back with the ultimate solution: Add two more years of schooling!! Thus the K+12 was born.