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Statistics on the 2014 Bar (Part 12)

Statistics on the 2014 Bar Examinations 
(Part 12)
Thads Bentulan

Let us analyze the performance of the successful 2104 bar examinees by grade brackets. We are not touching the histogram of those who failed. But this analysis should demonstrate to the Supreme Court what it could do and publicly report to the general public because they have all the data.

Let us start with the topnotchers, the Top 10 placers. Let’s refer to this group as Bracket A.

The 1st placer obtained the highest weighted average grade of 85.50. Only one person obtained this score.

The lone 2nd highest grade is 85.45. This person is 5 pips behind the 1st placer.

The lone 3rd highest grade is 84.60. This person is a very far 85 pips behind the 2nd placer; this gap is the highest among the gaps among the top 10 placers. As we shall see later, the next highest gap is 20 pips, between the 8th and the 9th placer.

The 4th highest score is 84.55. Three persons obtained this score; these persons are only 5 pips behind the 3rd placer.

The lone 5th highest score is 84.50. This person is 5 pips behind the 4th placer.

The lone 6th highest grade is 84.45. This person is 5 pips behind the 5th placer.

The lone 7th highest score is 84.35. This person is 10 pips behind the 6th placer.

The 8th highest grade is 84.20. Two persons obtained this score. These persons are 15 pips behind the 7th placer.

The lone 9th score is 84.00. This person is 20 pips behind the 8th placer.

The lone 10th highest grade 83.95. This person is 5 pips behind the 9th placer. Cumulatively, only 13 persons, including the 1st Placer, obtained a score of 83.95 and above.

By the way, the difference between the 1st placer and the 10th placer is 155 pips. That’s wide gap.

The 13 persons occupying the Top 10 places are the Top 0.22% of the 5,984.

So far, we have discussed the 13 persons who landed in the Top 10 notches.

(End of Part 12)
- to be continued -

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