Friday, April 22, 2016

Statistics on the 2014 Bar (Part 17)

Statistics on the 2014 Bar Examinations
(Part 17)
Thads Bentulan

Vanity certificates
While, we are talking about rankings, here’s a revenue generating idea for the Supreme Court. Those who passed the bar and would like a certificate of their exact ranking, could obtain such for a fee of, say, P2,500 per certification showing their grade and rank.

And this certification could cover results over the last 20 or so years, if those records are available in the database. And the cost of printing is very low because the templates could be programmed from the statistical software. Maybe the velvet frame would cost about a P250.

For instance, if there are 1,000 passers who would like to get their velvet-framed vanity certificates, that would total P2.5 million pesos! Now, if you estimate the passers in the last 25 years, that would be P62.5 million in additional funds for the Supreme Court.

The high failure rate of the Philippine bar is demonstrated statistically in our bracket by bracket analysis of the distribution of performance scores. With the original passing grade of 75.00, exactly 5,300 failed out of 5,984. And at each bracket only a few attained the good scores, and judging by their results, these people are the exceptionally brilliant. If an exam is such that only the exceptionally brilliant are successful, then probably, we have to rethink it’s systemic value. How about the normally brilliant, are they not supposed to pass?

Or may be there is something wrong with the system. There is a possibility that the culprit of the low grades is not so much as the students not knowing the answers as the answers are not properly graded. The prospect of the examiner just skimming and rounding off scores for an entire notebook instead of individually scoring each problem tends to do injustice to the examinee.

Anyway, I have to go now, and I hope this sharing added value to you. And I would be glad if you could grab your mobile homes, take a photo of yor bar scores, and email to me. It would be nice you know what is your rank.

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