Thursday, April 16, 2009

Questions for Ted Failon and the Police

Questions for Ted and the Police: (And I hope Ted will be cleared of all these suspicions; answering these guide questions will easily clear the speculations) 1. Was Trinidad (wife) left handed? The bullet entered from left and exited right side. 2. Why four hours before reporting to police? Failon is one of the top 3 recognizable icons in Phil. TV broadcasting, and he wouldnt reach that high without knowing police procedure. He was also a former Congressman. He knows the law. 3. How come the bathroom is squeaky clean even after being washed up? 4. Did the bullet ricochet? How come no traces of the bullet's trajectory? 5. Why clean up the car? 6. Can the gunpowder burns be removed in three hours of washing? 7. Where was Ted for several hours before reporting to police? 8. Is it normal for a husband to leave his wife to the doctors and leave the hospital, giving only a statement like "asawa" ko yan. 9. How come the security guards of Tierra Pura didnt even know about the supposed shooting or suicide until the police came at around 4pm? Ted brought his wife to the hospital in the morning supposedly from the house in Tierra Pura? 10. Is it normal for the house maids and drivers to clean up without instruction from Ted to do so? Or why didnt Failon instruct his 3 maids (hello Chip Tsao, nation of servants) and 1 driver to preserve the scene? Failon is a lawmaker and a famous anchor, he knows the SOP of crime scenes. (He has three servants?) 11. Where did that police statement come from? One policeman told a reporter that Failon had a quarrel with his wife inside their car that led to Failon shooting his wife. 12. Why is the supposed suicide note linked to financial woes? There is no such linkage in the message. It is more of an apology for something done or committed by the wife against Failon, personally, not financially. 13. Why would the wife leave the house the previous night and come back because of financial woes? Isn't financial support given mainly by the husband?

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