Wednesday, April 22, 2009

After Chip Tsao, What Now?

After Chip Tsao, What now? The Philippine immigration authorities have lifted a travel ban on Chip Tsao. My question is: Where are the so-called "heroes" of the Philippine servant who shouted invectives at Chip Tsao? Have you noticed that those who felt insulted by the satire were not the helpers, but those who are actually rich Filipinos (those who have servants at home)? Do you recall that the organized migrant workers attacked those who deny that the Philippines is a nation of servants? There are 130,000 Pinay servants in Hong Kong, how many of them complained and rallied? What are these rich Filipinos, who were insulted by Tsao's satire, doing now? Have they done something to uplift the Pinays? Or, have their so-called "heroic defense" of the maids faded away in just a matter of weeks? Pinoy elite, the hypocrite. Where art thou? And then I'm alone down the lonely road of Hyperwage Theory.

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