Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pacquaio the Tiger Tamer

What is it with Manny Pacquaio?

Once inside the ring, Pacquaio tames boxing tigers into pussy cats.

First, Marco Barrera, tiger from Mexico, a boxing hero not only in Mexico but to the world as well. Pacquaio beat up Barerra so badly the latter's brother was in tears as he threw the white towel into the ring in surrender.

Then, Erik Morales. With eyebrow bleeding Pacquaio fought valiantly against Morales in their first match. Though Pacquaio should have won that match, the judges favored Morales. In the second match, Pacquaio beat up Morales to a pulp that the referee had to stop the fight in round 10. In the third match, Morales was blown away by the hurricane of punches that in the second ???? round Morales delivered himself out of the match with 'no mas' and shaking his head.

Then another tiger, David Diaz, the first big opponent of Pacquaio. With the crowd merely waiting for the time Diaz will finally sleep on the canvas, Pacquaio made mincemeat out of him. Diaz praised Pacquaio with expletives. He's too fast. I can't see the punches. I don't know where they came from. That's another tiger turned into a pussy cat.

Then came Oscar de la Hoya. This match frightened even the most avid of Pacquaio fans that even a congressman from the Philippines filed a resolution urging to stop the fight from taking place because dela Hoya might kill Pacquaio in the slugfest. But we all witnessed how the fighting style of the Golden Boy transformed from the tiger form into a fighter acting like a scared pussy cat.

Then came Ricky Hatton. This time no more excuses...............

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