Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alec Baldwin, Satire, and Reality

Another shot at the Filipino this time by Alec Baldwin on David Letterman's show. I prefer Jay Leno's show because Letterman is very obnoxious even for a satirical talk show like his. So Baldwin's comments are nothing compared to what Letterman has said about Pres. George W. Bush, for example. And the "mail-order" Filipina bride has SOME basis in reality --- exactly why the Philippines has enacted an anti-mail-bride law. After two weeks, this thing will be forgotten. In the meantime, the Philippine government allows Filipinas to work like modern day economic slaves at P2,000 per month (yes US$40) or even less. And don't forget, the Philippines imports about 42% of its economy therefore, the prices of at least 42% of our economy reflect the world market price, and even higher because we need to pay the VAT, import duties, transportation, and profit of the importer. And don't tell me, the other non-imported component of our economy do not reflect the cost of the other imported items found in a particular product or service? If you are a bakery operator and your equipment is imported, and your flour is imported, and the electricity you use has imported coal or crude oil, and the computer you use is imported, and the cellphone you use is imported, don't tell me you are not going to include those imported factors in your pricing of your domestic product, the pan de sal? We should focus our energies on what matters most. Is it Alec Baldwin in a satirical show, or is it the purchasing power of the domestic helpers? Think.

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