Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Appreciation For Your Theory

Subject: My Appreciation for Your Theory

I had another look with your book, Hyperwage. And it was really very
entertaining. I do understand how completely you are endeavored with
the idea. I would also say I am a convert too.

Back in 2008, I took another stand when I was trying to see it on the
other side. I was very much skeptical about your theory.

I think it as a wishful thinking. I was a critique on it.

I posted a lot of opinions against it. I even had a debate with someone in the DYAB thread on it.

And so it happened that I completely ignored it and went into a deep hibernation especially last year.

I was in fact, one of your avid listener and trying to discredit the practicality of your theory.

And fast forward to October 2010, it took me 2 years to give your theory another try. I read your book for the second time around.

IT was then that I found out that I missed a lot.

being a critic at first took me no regret. We need critics in our life to look
at the other side.

The second time I took the book seriously, I find out many of its application
that is so vast that it really makes you worthy to get a Nobel Prize for it.

The idea is so good. I don't know if there are already some people embracing
the idea, but it is universally a very good idea that even seculars and clerics
must embrace it. It is an idea far greater than Marx.

It is the gospel that Christ preached! It is the golden rule!

Let me share my own view of your idea. We need a leverage in our
income in order for us to create another opportunity of doing economic transaction.

With 20% of our income pegged at basic needs, we can contribute the vast 80% of the
remaining income circulated in the economy.

A lot of people did not realize this fact.

Most of them are hired by rich people wanting only to enrich themselves.
It is sad to note that some of our so-called economic experts like _______
did not even consider your idea a far greater one.

Well, it is expected that they would not even consider it.

These guys are just plainly, intellectual prostitutes. They are prostituting their so called expertise to the rich people and yet no matter how experts they are, they have not even given a good theoretical foundation on how our economy must be based on.

I made this email to tell you how I embraced the whole idea so much.

Currently, I am working with the biggest bank in the world which attracts some talents here in Cebu.

And realizing how important it is to leverage our income, I could say, there is no other economist that the world must listen to and that is JT Bents, and there is no other program in radio to listen to and that is your program.

Also, thanks for sharing the Howard Schultz story. I had listened it one time and the whole series of it.

I share your views on democratizing economic ideas as well as democratizing wealth.

Wealth I think is not just a material wealth but knowledge also.

Kristian Iroy