Monday, October 12, 2009

Books by the Street Strategist

Once in a while I get emails asking how many books I have written etc. Here is the answer. And the table of contents, and the order mechanism is found at “The Misadventures of the Street Strategist” Strategy Myopia (Vol. 1) Identity Paradox (Vol. 2) Absolute Freedom (Vol. 3) Famous Man (Vol. 4) Seventh Sense (Vol. 5) Intellectual History (Vol. 6) Portrait of the Street Strategist as Bar Examiner (Vol. 7) Certiorari Conundrum (Vol. 8) The Thaumaturge: Confessions of a Hong Kong Trader (Vol. 9) Hyperwage Theory (Vol. 10) The Perfection of Contracts (Vol. 11) Thinking Time (Vol. 12) The Last Days of Urban Bank (Vol. 13) The Lost Marcos (Vol. 14)